Ham Radio Antennae

Still knowing very little about ham radios, I randomly wondered if I could use the DISH antenna I have on my roof. Using DuckDuckGo (again, will not use G*****) I found this website where someone asked this question:

Can you use a satellite dish for a ham radio antenna?

Here’s one of the answers

Those satellite TV dishes are about 20 inches in diameter, too small to use for 220 or 144 Mhz VHF (unless you want to make a slot antenna, more below). It could work for 440 Mhz UHF but the gain would be so low (~6 dB @440 Mhz) that it would be easier to just build a yagi. It’s much better at 1200 Mhz, where the gain would be around 14 db, or at 2.4 Ghz about 20 db. A small dish works great at 10 Ghz where you get about 32 db of gain. 

So I have a couple of questions:
1. What?
2. What the hell is a yagi? (A Yagi antenna, also known as a Yagi-Uda array or simply a Yagi, is a directional antenna commonly used in communications when a frequency is above 10 MHz. This type of antenna is popular among Amateur Radio and Citizens Band radio operators.) Oh.

I clearly need to read much much more

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