QSL Cards

I can spend my time studying for the amateur radio license exam OR look at QSL cards and begin to imagine what mine should look like. What are QSL cards?

Amateur radio operators exchange QSL cards to confirm two-way radio contact between stations. Each card contains details about one or more contacts, the station and its operator. At a minimum, this includes the call sign of both stations participating in the contact, the time and date when it occurred (usually specified in UTC), the radio frequency or band used, the mode of transmission used, and a signal report.[3] The International Amateur Radio Union and its member societies recommend a maximum size of 3½ by 5½ inches (140 mm by 90 mm).[4]

I have no idea what most of that means, but why let that stop me from starting to design mine. I DuckDuckGoed examples of interesting cards:

I really like the Queen Mary one. Not sure what I might put on my card. Some of the facts about me that might influence my design include:

  • Live in California
  • Was a Librarian
  • I am vegan
  • I am old

Hmmm, not a lot to choose from. God I am boring

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