San Francisco Pastor Gaslights His Congregation

Currently there have been 4.3 million confirmed cases of Covid 19 and 148,000 deaths from it in the United States. But according to The Rev. Joseph Illo of Star of the Sea Catholic Church in San Francisco, without evidence he suggested that the intent of the media’s coverage of the pandemic is to unseat Trump. From Pastor Illo:

 “We cannot ignore the fact that the glaring discrepancy between hospital reports and media reports is taking place in an election year,” he wrote.”Note two facts: 1) Those who control the media have stated vitriolic opposition to our incumbent president. 2) A proven means of unseating an elected official is to induce fear among the incumbent’s constituents.”

What does the Archdiocese of San Francisco think about one of its pastors lying about the danger of Covid 19?

Star of the Sea is among 90 parishes in Marin, San Mateo and San Francisco counties that are members of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Archdiocese spokesman Mike Brown explained each pastor “runs their own show” and “we really don’t have an opinion on what each pastor writes.”

Brown added the pandemic is a “huge issue of concern” for the archdiocese, and while it’s not a “policing organization,” it “instructs all pastors to follow public health guidelines.”

This reminds me of someone else

This kind of disinformation campaign to benefit Trump is dangerous, and in no way Christ-like. Currently there are 661,203 deaths worldwide from Covid-19. I’m fairly certain other countries aren’t inflating their numbers to benefit Trump. Politics and religion don’t mix, all it does is alienate people from the Church

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